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Deep database expertise available across the open source stack for our hosted MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis database services


Widely distributed architecture and global datacenter connectivity, our platform provides speed, easy scaling, high availability, and data protection


Get up and running fast on our fully managed database-as-a-service platform.  Focus on your apps, we manage your databases.

Built for speed

Runs on PCIe flash storage, so you get more transactions per second and more consistent performance without the penalty of a shared environment.

Designed for safety

Built-in redundancy, replication, automatic backups, and multiplexing across physically isolated systems help prevent downtime and data loss.

Deep expertise

Built and managed by a team of dedicated specialists who know how to get the most out of MongoDB. We'll help build and scale your database—everything from migrating production data to pushing code refreshes.

 Dynamically scales

Deploy data sets from 1GB up to multiple petabytes, with pain-free scaling using RocketScale™ that lets you pay as you grow.

Make the Most Out of Your Hosted MongoDB with Studio 3T

With your MongoDB in good hands, all that’s left to do is connect to your ObjectRocket-hosted instance and get work done in Studio 3T. 

We've got
your back


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Solving hard database problems so you can build your world-changing application

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Delivering Database Expertise to Our Customers

You are building the next amazing application. You are focused on finding product/market fit and delighting your customers with an amazing experience. Or you’ve already found your niche in the market and need to prepare for what’s next: massive growth. Why not leave database administration and infrastructure management to the experts?

At ObjectRocket, we provide a fully managed database platform. We scale your database. We back it up. We monitor it. We optimize your queries. We provide DBA expertise 24x7x365. We provide advanced security features. We run your database, all on blazing fast, purpose-built hardware.

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Save time while having fun with MongoDB

Write scripts like a pro

Intelligently explore your MongoDB data

Manage Users and Their Roles

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Making developers and administrators lives easier with the most powerful MongoDB client on the market

Together, ObjectRocket and Studio 3T provide the rock-solid foundation you need to focus your energy on building an amazing application

Powerful MongoDB Hosting

Create Indexes

Migrate Data with Confidence

See Behind the Scenes

Edit quickly anywhere

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* Valid for new ObjectRocket customers only. Discount begins after free 30-day trial ends.

How To Connect ObjectRocket with Studio 3T